Learning Center or Private Tutor?

Learning centers either do one of two things for people who try them:

  1. They improve your child’s grades in roughly 6 months flat.
  2. Nothing.

What if I told you that neither one of these results is completely desirable? If your child is not seeing ANY improvement after the 3-month mark, it’s time to look elsewhere.

I worked at a well-known learning center for years, and there were a few things that I found to be odd. I vowed to improve those things once I got my own tutoring business…and I have.

If your child has trouble with decoding words or with writing an essay, let’s schedule a consultation to talk about some possible solutions.

Why Essay Transitions Matter

Do your child’s essay assignments lack flow? Is the writing all over the place?

Not enough folks talk about essay transitions, so kids often don’t understand the basic anatomy of an essay and why transitions between paragraphs even matter.

This video will help them “get it.” Here’s one way to make a BAD essay GREAT.

For more information about this video or for a free tutoring consultation, shoot me an email.

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The KHOOL Writing Tutor


30 Writing Prompts for Kids

When I was coming up (back in neanderthal days), writing prompts for kids were so vanilla that it made my head hurt:

  • Write about a time when you felt proud.
  • How do you get your day started?
  • What color are clouds? Why do you think that’s so?

That’s why I’ve come up with 30 writing prompts for kids that won’t make them fall asleep before they’ve even started writing. I’d love to see what stories your kids write based on these prompts! Let me know : )

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The KHOOL Writing Tutor


From Me to You: “Writing A’int Easy!”

Demotivation often starts in the early childhood years. It’s up to you to squash this demotivation before it takes root. Your child CAN be an effective writer. Why? Because writers aren’t born; they’re made.

I’m a writing tutor and an author—and neither was easy for me to achieve! Watch my video to find out how you can help your child become a fluent writer too.

If you still feel unsure after watching, reach out to me to schedule a free consultation. I’ll be glad to help in any way I can.

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The KHOOL Writing Tutor


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